Round 1 Match Report

Round 1 saw the Yabbies battling in a very physical contest with old rivals the Grenfell Panthers in some very warm conditions at RB Bembrick Field, Grenfell.

The start of the match saw some fierce contests for the ball, with both teams coming out firing. Some strong runs by Dan O’Connor, Dan Cormie and Hamish Kaveney saw the Yabbies make some good metres, but the Grenfell defence proved too strong. The first half saw the Panther’s cross the Yabbies line twice, with half-time being called after a Yabbies’ handling error close to the line.

Early in the second half, the Yabbies made a deep incursion to the Panther’s territory with strong runs by Hamish Kaveney, Jesh Smith & Hagon Williams. Repeat phases slowly wore down the Panther’s defence, with Jesh eventually crossing the line following quick ball service from Mick Hudson.

The Yabbies’ kept up their pressure with a series of back moves and strong runs from the forwards, with the French recruit Thomas Dudek finishing off some fantastic running rugby scoring a try in the corner right on the final buzzer.

The final result was a 10-10 draw.

Coach Ned Mullany said whilst the result was not what he had hoped, he was very pleased with the effort and dedication on the field. “The boys have set a very strong baseline for the year, with a number of players really taking ownership of their position.”

The next game is Young v Boorowa at Cranfield Oval on Saturday 13th April.

Points scorers:

Young: 1 – Jeshua Smith, 1 – Thomas Dudek

Grenfell: 1 – Frazer Ryder, 1 – Damien Manson

Best & Fairest Points:

3 – Dan “Doc” O’Connor

2 – Dan “Greg Dalton” Cormie

1 – Mick “Huddo” Hudson

Players Player – Hamish “Hammer” Kaveney

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